How do I record a session?

1. Power up your device by tapping the power button.

2. Wait for the device to acquire GPS lock. GPS lock has been acquired when all four blue LEDs blink once per second. If only one blue LED is blinking once per second, the device hasn't yet acquired GPS lock.

3. Tap the power button to start recording. If all four blue LEDs are blinking 3 times per second, your are now recording.

4. Press the power button twice to stop recording. You may see a circular blink pattern for a few moments as the device writes your sesh file. When the device returns to blinking LEDs once per second, recording is complete. 

Important tips:

Please do not press and hold the power button while recording, you may inadvertently shut down the device and damage your sesh files.

Please ensure you have adequate battery charge when you begin recording. If the battery depletes while a session is recording, you may damage your sesh files. Make sure to end your recording before battery is depleted.